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Best Divorce Forms
If you can follow instructions, you can represent yourself in an uncontested divorce. There are many online divorce form providers that provide divorce forms to those of you that don’t want to pay an attorney to handle your uncontested divorce.

Best LLC Services
Business formation attorneys have historically represented individuals in the business formation process. However, many online business incorporation websites now facilitate business formations without the necessity of hiring an attorney.

Best online Will Maker
Online estate planning forms have become a very popular alternative to estate planning attorneys. An online industry has filled the demand for a low cost alternative when it comes to handling your estate and preparing a Last Will and Testament.

Best Trademark Services
The name of your business is very important and should be protected nationally with a federal trademark. Online trademark companies are a popular way to complete the trademark application process without hiring a lawyer.

Prepaid legal plans resemble legal insurance, but they are not insurance. A prepaid legal plan is a contract that wherein the legal provider agrees to provide certain legal services through a network of attorneys. This is great for your basic legal needs and unforeseen legal expenses.

Most prepaid legal plans require a monthly payment or subscription and provide a list of covered benefits. We hope the chart below will help you compare the best prepaid legal plan providers so you can select the the plan that best suits your situation.

Individual vs Business Plans
Some prepaid legal plans are geared towards individual subscribers and others are designed for businesses. Most prepaid legal plans differentiate between these two categories and have different pricing and benefits for an individual prepaid legal plan and a corporate or professional plan.

Attorney Consultations
One of the biggest benefits to a prepaid legal plan is the ability to speak with an attorney. Most prepaid legal plans will include the ability to speak with an attorney at no charge. These consultations will undoubtedly be restricted in time and scope, but the ability to speak with a knowledgeable attorney is a great benefit.

Network of Attorneys
Did you know that one in three Americans thinks lawyers contribute nothing or very little to society? One issue that surely contributes to this statistic is not knowing the right attorney to contact for the specific issue at hand. If one could talk to the correct attorney, would they feel differently?

Many consumers do not have an attorney, much less a good attorney, that they can call when in need. Most attorneys are specialist and can only help with a narrow set of legal problems. Some prepaid legal plans come with a network of attorneys from a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

The benefit of being able to tap into an attorney network is knowing you can consult with a vetted attorney that has expertise in the area of law in which you need assistance.

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